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cheesemaking January 16, 2010

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I read this post on making farmhouse cheddar over at Suzanne McMinn’s fun and family friendly site, Chickens in the Road earlier this week. Today she posted on waxing the cheese so as to age it. Farmhouse cheese is the fastest hard cheese to make, apparently, and is something I’d love to try to make, especially as I’m becoming hyper aware of all the non-recyclable plastic shrink-wrapped around so much of my food. Suzanne makes hers with store bought milk, so it’s not as difficult to try out as I might once have thought – y’know, back in the days when there were no baby-steps, it was all or nothing and I had to have my own cow, or at least access to local raw milk before I’d look into such a project! In fact, just about a year ago, I was reading about Suzanne learning to make ricotta cheese from milk from her own goat! (of course, she clearly states that your own goat is not required!) This woman is a wealth of information on many old-time skills and crafts. She even wrote a post on how to make your own cheese press. While I know I probably couldn’t make one all by myself (as I don’t have any power tools), I know a few folk who’d kindly help me out 🙂

UPDATED Jan 19th: Suzanne posted about homemade cream cheese for all of those who were intimidated by the making farmhouse cheddar post (the whole cheese press thing is what seemed daunting to me). As well, she reminds us:

“You don’t have to have a cow… Making cheese isn’t an all or nothing proposition. Just because you bought the cream at the store doesn’t mean it’s not homemade cheese. You still have so much more control, both from a health and a taste standpoint, in the end product. You can use less or no salt. You can add your own flavorings using your own home-preserved fruits or herbs.”

Baby steps. Flylady would be proud. So would Bob. 🙂

UPDATED: Jan 30th: El at fast grow the weeds recently posted this about cheesemaking. Lots of good links!