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is it spring yet? February 14, 2010

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We have been having amazingly warm weather, compared to the last 4 years of ice and snow, very uncommon for the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley. I’ve been seeing cherry blossoms, crocuses and snowdrops blooming. All kinds of bulbs are shooting up green growth, and I’ve seen little red tips on tea roses, as well as a few early blooming rhodos busting out in pink buds.

It’s only February! But I want to get out into my garden, turn the soil, plant some peas. I’ve got white remay cloth, but I suppose I should dry the soil out a bit by covering it with black cloth before I put seeds into the soil.

I’ve been browsing about on Mother Earth News’ website today, and I read this article about growing fresh tomatoes virtually year ’round. I love tomatoes, but in 5 years of gardening on this site, I haven’t produced more than a handful of ripe cherry tomatoes in the actual garden. Mostly I bring the green ones in to ripen in the basement on sheets of newspaper. The article got me excited to get my grow lights and timer set up and to build some kind of high tunnel to fit my current garden beds and tomato cages. Although, with talk of moving sometime this spring/early summer, maybe I should be focusing on potted plants.