Aquilegia formosa

Goals January 7, 2010

This year my garden goals are:

  • complete the raised bed project
  • work on season extenders such as cold frames
  • set up the grow lights to start seed indoors
  • grow tomatoes to maturity on the vine (I usually pick them green and ripen them indoors in the fall)
  • grow enough green beans to can a case
  • successfully stagger plant lettuce to have fresh greens year round

This year, my food goals are:

  • find a local, independent source for eggs (hopefully from pasture/free range chickens)
  • finding meat and maybe milk from local farmers
  • can at least 2 cases of tomatoes
  • can peaches
  • put up dill and beet pickles
  • put up at least 2 cases of jam
  • move towards making all of my own bread

This year, my sustainability goals are:

  • shop less
  • never use another plastic grocery or produce bag
  • reduce amount of plastic garbage I create