Aquilegia formosa

Garden January 7, 2010

I’ve been vegetable gardening most of my life. My mother’s mother was born on a farm in Manitoba (Neepawa, which Margaret Lawrence fictionalized as Manawaka), and many of both my mother’s and my favourite childhood memories center around food produced in vegetable gardens.

I have been living in my present rental home for 5 years, and my sisters have lived here longer. They started a vegetable garden behind our house maybe 6 or 7 years ago. Every year, we expand this garden and work at improving the soil. Last year, we put in a few raised beds – nothing elaborate, just a few bits of ripped plywood and stakes. Last year also marked my first attempt at a fall garden, however, it went in too late (the beginning of September instead of the beginning of August), and, unfortunately, hasn’t produced. I am hoping I will get some early spring veggies from these plants.

This year my garden goals are to complete the raised bed project (we did 3 of the original 4 beds, and created 1 of 2 new beds) and to work on season extenders such as cold frames. As well, I plan to set up the grow lights I bought last year so I can start seed indoors and get a jump on the Pacific Northwest’s long, cool springs.