Aquilegia formosa

About Me January 7, 2010

I’m a university student and a newly married mom with a blended family. I live in a rented suburban home near Vancouver, BC. This is my second blog, started to track my personal goals, and because, after a couple of years with blogger, I’ve decided that wordpress blogs look ‘cooler.’ My main blog is here. I chose Aquilegia formosa as my handle because it’s a hardy native flower that can grow in the poorest soil, and it’s petals are quite breathtakingly intricate. And because the first few names I chose were taken.

My New Year’s resolution this year is to ‘simplify’ my life so I have more time to focus on what makes me ‘happy.’ This is vague, but for the most part, my family makes me happy, and industrial society makes me unhappy. Thus, a lot of what I’m looking to track here is my attempts to slowly remove myself from the industrial food grid. However, this process is not actually very simple. Grocery shopping at Safeway is simple.  Learning how to raise chickens for eggs, then maybe meat, is not simple, especially when my city’s bylaws do not allow me to keep chickens on my property. This blog will be about me exploring what this all means for me and my family.


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