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this is how it all began January 7, 2010

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… or not.

Because it’s been going for awhile. I’m the 34 year old child of hippies. My mom made her own yogurt. My dad lived in a tepee in someone’s yard one summer. I think I was 6. And before them, there were my farming ancestors. Okay, so the 20th century wasn’t all that productive for my family, farming-wise. But I’m a determined “back-to-the-lander” at least, in my mind. Really, I’m a suburban yuppie, guzzling gas and plastic faster than you can say Wal-Mart.

Speaking of Wal-Mart, the largest one in Canada just opened in my town a year ago. It is massive. My sister won’t set foot in it. It is, in her mind, an evil corporation. But, really, how can it be any different from any of the other corporations out there? I mean, really, Jimmy Pattison may be local, but he’s just as ruthless. So my sister and her boyfriend tell me to shop at Save-On-Foods, not Price-Smart. Because Save-On has a union, and Price-Smart was Pattison’s attempt to break the union… or something, I’m not sure, I probably stopped listening. Because they’re all corporations, and they all care about the bottom line. Profits. Money makes the world go ’round, y’know?

So I have another blog. It is intelligently and originally titled “random musings” and there I talk about all kinds of stuff, kind of whatever’s on my mind that I feel is worthy of publishing on the world wide web… but here I plan to be more focused. Here I plan to chart my progress toward reaching certain “goals” which you can read about in the tabbed pages, above.

Here is where I develop my master plan for creating a more sustainable future for my family.


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